The Glenlock Christadelphians are a Bible-based community of believers, patterned after the first century ecclesias (churches). Our group is based in the Riverland, South Australia. Our biblically based Hope is  for the soon return of Jesus Christ to earth, who at that time will call all His true believers to Him, set up His kingdom in Jerusalem, and subdue all nations of the Earth. We are one ecclesial group which is part of the global Christadelphian group. Our Faith and Beliefs are based firmly on the Bible, which we believe is the word of God.

The Glenlock Christadelphians are a friendly, welcoming group, keen to share the bible and the benefits of faith in God. We are appreciative of the incredible work that God has achieved to solve many of the problems each person faces. The essential elements of our belief are simple and straightforward, with many Bible quotes supporting our faith.

The Christadelphians are a worldwide group who believe in the accuracy and reliability of the bible and that it is a trusted source for belief. Whilst sharing much with the worldwide community, each group is independent, so the church has no hierarchy. A further unique feature is that we have no paid ministry, with all positions handled by volunteers.

“Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”